Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Trekking Amsikong Falls

Posted by Dexter Gazmen On 2:33 AM 2 comments
If you desire to make River Trekking, Caving, Swimming and Rock Climbing in a one way trip adventure, then go to General Santos City hidden paradise located at Barangay Conel. Together with my friends, we decided to unwind ourselves from the ever stress working environment through nature bonding. 

Ride with our motorcycle we headed to the Conel Barangay Hall to inform the Barangay captain’s office about our plan to hike, and have our name logged on their record. They will also provide a guide who knows the place and the safes route for an adventure.

On our way to the falls, we have to do river trekking and rock climbing. It is really an adrenaline pumping adventure. Some of our colleagues almost gave up because of the obstacles we had encountered.

After several hours we finally reached the first falls. According to our guide it has a total of seven cascade falls that has deep blue and clean waters.

There are two steel case ladders that you can use prior to reach second and third falls, which has been set-up by the local government.

It was indeed a fun and exciting adventure, everyone is exhausted but we have a very remarkable day to remember.


  1. They will provide you with a guide when you head to the brgy hall, right? How much did you pay for the guide?

  2. If there are first timers coming over in that place, what primary precautions could you suggest? Please acknowledge my comment :) Thankyou.


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