Friday, April 11, 2014

Summer is knocking on our doorstep asking for a cool summer vacation, so I and the rest of the gang visits Surigao Del Sur a home of the majestic Tinuy-an falls and it is the main tourist attraction in the City of Bislig. It’s been my long time dream to visit the renowned place; a white water curtain that flows in three levels. Tinuy-an Falls is also one of the widest in the country, people also noted it as the Niagara Falls of the Philippines. I always search the internet for the awesome photos uploaded from the different travel and blog sites. But this time I thank God for giving me a chance to see it for myself.

As we arrived to the place, I immediately brought out my tripod and camera hungrily wanted to take photos from the breathtaking view of the falls. I could not even find a right word to portray the grandeur of the falls, the only word that comes out in my mouth is “AMAZING”! After seeing it personally now I know why it is reputed as the Niagara Falls of the Philippines.

The following photos taken from the entrance of tinuy-an falls.

Im glad that there are no major developments made in the area, though there are cottages and stores it does not affect the raw beauty of Tinuy-an Falls.

Lakwatserongmamoy point the water curtain of Tinuy-an Falls.

They also offers bamboo raft ride for 150 pesos, so that you may able to go near the splashing water of Tinuy-an Falls.

We also trek the 1st and 2nd level of the falls, it wasn’t that hard because you only need to pass the concrete stairway that about 80++ steps to reach the top.

Overall the trip to Tinuy-an falls really amaze us. If someone will ask me to revisit the place again, of course! Definitely without a doubt I will come back.

I would like also to thanks company of cool and funny pipz, you guys are amazing our travel becomes lively and fun. And Ma’am Jesselita Gabisan you serve as our mother during the trip. ;)

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  1. Tinuy-an Falls, is a 3hour drive from Butuan because of the rough roads. I visited the Niagara Falls of the Philippines recently through the niagara falls tours from Boston . This is an island with mountains. I can say it was worth the trip. The falls are like a step ladder and each level is unique. At one point, I was even able to walk under the falls just beneath a ledge. VERY COOL!

  2. That's a unique waterfalls. Makes us think how natural things look man-made but they're actually not.


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