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Lake Holon Fun Climb Seslong Festival 2014

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Finally the long awaited day has come; the Municipality of TBoli celebrates their 40th Foundation and 16th Seslong Festival, part of their activities is the Invitational FUN CLIMB to Lake Holon the crater of Mt. Parker / Melibingoy which is recognized as the Cleanest Inland Body of Water in the Philippines. 

Day 1

The sky was clear and I can really feel the heat of the sun on my skin, but nothing can stop a travel and adventure junkie like me. We meet up with other mountaineers at TBoli Tourism Office where we register and set up our tents, Im so glad that they are the same persons I met before during Earth Panic Environment Club (EPEC) Outreach, Feeding and Climb activity at Barangay Bagong Silang, San Jose General Santos City.

Day 2

Still haven’t got enough sleep due to last night socialization with fellow mountaineers, We have no choice but to wake up early to prepare our breakfast and pack our things. After the preparations we travel to Barangay Salacafe our jump off point to Lake Holon.

It was a bumpy ride and we are covered with dust, at last we safely arrived at Barangay Salacafe after an hour of travel. But before we start the adventure we posed for photo opt.

First Five Trekker Mountaineering Group together with lakwatserongmamoy and Archie.

BAKTAS MSU Mountaineering Group

Team BUNDOL Mountaineering Group

It is already 11:00am in the morning and we are behind the planned schedule time before we start our trek to Lake Holon.  The day was so hot, that I almost collapsed and worried for possible heat stroke we stop for a break in one of the local house at Sitio Nabol. The residents welcomed us and offered us some cassava cake “alupi” and drinks.

Lastly after enduring three hours of trek, we finally reached our destination. Upon seeing the magnificent sight of Lake Holon all the fatigue and exhaustion was out of the blue gone in an instant.

The groups are busy setting up their tents.

After we fixed and setup our tents and stuff we then excitedly run into the water to try kayaking adventure that the LGU Local Government Unit arranged for us.

Wako and Macky enjoying kayaking adventure.

Martus, Josh and Ken having fun rowing the boat

Fresh yummy tilapia for dinner, local fisherman sells 10 pieces of tilapia for 100 pesos worth it isn’t it?

We also do socializing at night, to have a chance to meet with other mountaineers from different groups and places. One of the old inhabitants in the place also tells us chronicle about the legend of Lake Holon, and where does the lake came from.

Sunrise at Lake Holon.


Day 1

08:00AM – 5:00PM   Registration
                               Set-up of Tents (beside Tourism Office)

Day 2

06:00AM                  Wake-up, Prepare for breakfast
07:30AM                  Break Tent
08:00AM                  Jump off to Brgy. Salacafe
09:00AM                  ETA at Brgy. Salacafe, Registration
09:30AM                  Start trekking to Sitio Nabol
10:30AM                  Tree Planting at Sitio Nabol
11:00AM                  Trek to Lake Holon (camp site)
12:00NN                  ETA at Station 2 (Helipad 2), Lunch
01:00PM                  Jump-off to Lake Holon campsite and or outlet campsite
02:30PM                  ETA at campsite
                               Set-up Tents
03:00PM                   Photo opt
                                Swimming at outlet (optional)
05:30PM                   Prepare for dinner
06:30PM                   Dinner
07:00PM                   Socials
10:00PM                   Lights off

Day 3

06:00AM                  Wake up Call
                               Breakfast preparations
07:00AM                  Clean up Drive at Lake Holon Outlet
09:00AM                  Break camp
10:00AM                  Start trek back to Brgy. Salacafe
11:30AM                  ETA at Station 2, Lunch
12:30PM                  Start trek back to Brgy. Salacafe
02:30PM                  ETA at Brgy. Salacafe
                               Jump off to Poblacion, T’boli
03:30PM                  ETA at Poblacion (Municipal Tourism Office)
                               Proceed to SARS Paradise Resort
04:00PM                  Set-up Tents at SARS Paradise Resort
05:00PM                  Swimming at the pool/ wash-up
06:30PM                  Dinner (sponsored by T’boli LGU)
07:00PM – 12:00 MN  Mountaineers Night



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