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KAMPO UNO House Blessing at Mt. Akir Akir

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Summer is about to come to an end, you know what’s the best thing to do? Hang out with friends go outdoors and have fun! Seek for an exciting adventure. You can choose to spend it at the beach, amusement park and ride the awesome roller coaster or spend it on top of the mountains and bond with nature.  

An adrenaline junkie dude like me chooses to spend it at the mountain together with the cheerful people of KAMPO UNO, a mountaineering group from Cotabato City. It is an invitational climb and at the same time house blessing for the small nipa hut, with two rooms to separate the girls and boys, it also have a small kitchen and a little place for hangout located near the peak of Mt. Akir Akir, and I am very glad to have been invited by the group.

So then here’s where the adventure starts, it was a hot and sunny day. I can’t tell if the fine weather is on our favor or it is just another dilemma for us, since the trail is an open canopy where there are no shades for you to relax to catch your breath. Then if it rains the trail will also be muddy and could be really hard to go for assault.  But anyway, we have a fine and sunny day that time, good for me I brought an umbrella with me. Hahahaha

Mt. Akir Akir is a 3,182 ft or 970 Meter above sea level, located at Barangay Kimarayag Pigcawayan North Cotabato and near Baguer. Based on peakery data it was ranked as 59th highest mountain in the Philippines.

Trekking Mt. Akir Akir should not be under estimated; the trail is not technical but because of the open canopy it will totally use up your stamina so better  bring a load of water with you.

View of mountain ranges on our way to the peak.

After 3 hours of assault we finally reached the peak and it is already 6pm in the evening. Somebody in the groups prepares for dinner and the other are resting from an exhausting day. And of course the night would not be completed if there are no liquors served in the table.

One of the highlights in the activity is the house blessing of the small nipa hut that KAMPO UNO had it made. The ceremony was lead and conducted by Kagawad Ayunan Barat, they performed an old tradition and ritual called “PADUGO” a local dialect. This involves killing and bleeding of an animal and pour its blood on the floor to drive away evil spirits and bad luck. It was believed that the sacrifice ritual will prevent bad spirits from taking the lives of those persons connected on the house.

It was 5:30am in the morning when the gangs woke up, just to see the infamous sea of clouds in Mt. Akir Akir. But the luck is not on our side because the moment I opened my eyes it was all white, the whole place was covered with thick fogs that made the place zero visibility. Aaarrrggghhh it really saddened me for not seeing the spectacular view. 

This is the view that I expected to see, the following sunrise photo was taken from the previous climb hosted by KAMPO UNO. By simply looking at the photos, made my camera lenses cry for it also craves to have a good shot with the picturesque view of the sea of clouds.

The event hosted by the group is undeniably successful; the gangs though exhausted from the climb, they still got the energy to teased and throw jokes to each other. It was really a memorable moment together with the group. No words can described the hospitality they’ve shown us. I will surely back at Mt. Akir Akir until I witnessed in my own eyes the sea of clouds.

Thanks so much for the invitation KAMPO UNO! Kudos and let's have more peaks to climb!

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  1. Thanks for featuring mt. Akir in your blog Dexter..truly a great mountain to climb...see you in august..till then keep in touch..cheers KAMPO UNO!!

  2. Hi dexter thanks for featuring Mt.Akir and KAMPO UNO in your blog....I may say that Mt. Akir is truly a great mountain yo climb...see you in august..till then keep in touch..cheers KAMPO UNO!!!

    1. Hi Tina, it was indeed an awesome adventure climbing Mt. Akir Akir. Yeah! see you on trail again. Keep safe always! :)


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