Friday, February 21, 2014

Hearts Day Outreach and Feeding

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February is the month where we celebrate Valentine’s Day, some say it’s the month of love. In its place of the traditional dating with love ones and partners I choose to join Earth Panic Environment Club Activity themed “Gugma Sa Kinaiyahan Tabang Sa Katawhan”, I think this would be the best thing to share love with someone. This activity will endow with charity to young children lives in Barangay Bagong Silang, San Jose, General Santos City. Charity is very important, because it teaches us to care for those who are less fortunate. And also teach us compassion and empathy.

Packed and loaded with goods our truck is now ready to go, heading to Barangay Bagong Silang.

As we travel to our destination, troublesome incident happened. Due to so many heavy loads in our truck, it had a hard time driving into an elevated area that end us trapped in the place. We have no choice but to unload our bags and walk to a nearby sitio to ask some help.

Finally after an hour of waiting for help, another truck came to rescue and helped us to tow our stranded truck.  And thank God we arrived at Barangay Bagong Silang safe and sound.

At the front gate of the school a young little boy caught my attention, selling tilapia. I ask him how much he sells it; he said it cost 50 pesos for 6 pieces of tilapia no matter how big and small it is. That’s cheap in the City it cost 80 pesos per kilo or more so I brought one, now we have a yummy fresh tilapia ready to be grill for dinner.

On our way going inside the school we are welcomed by these young innocent little children’s.

After we fixed our things and have a 30 minutes rest, the outreach program was started with parlor games, participated by every little child in the Barangay.

Numerous games have been prepared for the children headed by the staff of EPEC group and Ms. Riza.

Hmnnn.. I smell something that makes my stomach growl from hunger. Now I know the reason why, this is the most waited moment for everyone. Snack time! ^_^ Riza is also celebrating her birthday that day, so the perfect partner is hot spaghetti and juice.

Cute little innocent kiddies are waiting for the staff to start the distribution of yummy spaghetti.

At last together with the local teacher, she helped us organized the children’s to form a line orderly.

Hey! Hey! What are you guys doing in the line? They said little children not a big cold blooded Ogre.

A young boy patiently waiting for his plate to be filled with hot spaghetti.

Local teacher assisted the children waiting for their turn, while the EPEC staff is busy distributing foods.

It was indeed a tiring day, but the happiness we brought to the children is incomparable and priceless. I love looking to the children with the smile on their face. They are filled with curiosity and very innocent. I wanted to be back another time in Barangay Bagong Silang and have a bonding moment with those kid’s. Thanks so much EPEC Team for organizing the said activity and also to the group of mountaineers who gave donations, clothes, toys and foods.


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