Monday, May 19, 2014

Hangover SarBay Fest 2014

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Once again Sarangani Bay Festival 2014 proves that it is indeed the biggest beach party in Mindanao. Almost 100k guest from different places traveled just to experience the awesome event. This year, they introduced three new events to make SarBay festival worth visiting, the following event was SarBay Triathlon for the Environment, the Paddle Board Clinic and the Sarbay Jet Ski Competition. 

I’ve been attending SarBay fest for a number of times already, this time I noticed the well organized parking area, the tent city/village which is established away from the shores and the bigger chill out area.

This biggest beach party was a one heck of an event and a summer getaway, so I and the rest of the gangs spend the days like there is no tomorrow.  We had party overnight, drink all you can and laugh out loud.

“Pain” from 12th Summit Magic Group entertains us with his magic tricks.

Scenic view of beautiful fined white sand cove beach in Sarangani Bay.

Huge number of guest comming from different places joined and witnessed the fun brought by SarBay fest.

Jet Ski are prepared and arranged for the competition.

Beach party will not be completed unless there is a Sand Sculpture competition.

Not only the place but the sunset also put a good show for the picturesque view.

And at night before the party started, make sure you have yourself ink with henna tattoos offered by various tattoo artist.

The most awaited and highlight in the first day of SarBay fest the summer party at the bay Foam Party! And let's dance babolbat! :D

On the last day of the event, the grand fireworks display will amuse the guest before the main band Kamikazee play. The view was breath-taking and fascinating.

Cool direction signage you have their SarBay organizers.  ^_^

Sarangani Bay Festival is the very best way to conclude my summer vacation; together with my jolly and good friends it leaves a lot of wonderful memories and sometimes out-and-out craziness. With their company it makes me want to come back again next year. Thanks so much KWOC and the rest of the gangs! And to my friend Edward hope you enjoyed your summer vacation before you set sail again.

Before the SarBay ends group photos will take action first. 

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  1. You got really stunning sunset photos! I was prolly drinking by that time that I didn't notice. LOL. Twas awesome to meet!

    1. Thanks gay! It was nice meeting you too. Grateful your nice and kind, the gangs enjoyed taking picture with you specially momai akai chinx! :)

  2. I was there SARBAY FEST 2015 and hopefully be back again next yr!


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