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Zipline Adventure at Lake Sebu Seven Falls

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There are by now a lot of articles encircling on the internet about the well-known Lake Sebu’s Seven Falls, try typing it on our friendly Google search engine and it will surely return a thousand rows. But still, let me share you our own thrilling and exciting adventure at Lake Sebu.

It was my second time to visit the place and it won’t stop me from getting back again. Located at Barangay Lake Seloton we headed to Seven Falls to experience the highest ZIPLINE in Southeast Asia. The zipline is 600 feet above the ground and for only 250 pesos you will have two rides, one is the 700 meters and the other is 400 meters.  That’s cheap for two exciting rides! Awesome isn’t it? 

At the entrance going to zipline you will be welcomed by small stores selling different kinds of souvenirs like key-chain, scarf, t-shirts and many more.

The place main attraction are the seven cascading falls, and only five falls are accessible to tourist because you need to trek by foot to access Falls 6 and 7.

Each falls has given a T’BOLI name to describe them; the following are the list of falls.

1st -   Hikong Alo (Passage Falls)
2nd – Hikong Bente (Immesurable Falls)
3rd -  Hikong B’Lebel (Zigzag)
4th -  Hikong Lowig (Both)
5th – Hikong Ukol (Wild Flower)
6th – Hikong K’Fo-I (Short)
7th – Hikong Tonok (Soil)

Meet Hikong Alo or Passage Falls, it can be access by a short walk from the entrance.

Because of the superb view of Hikong Alo, we can’t help ourselves and took time to take pictures, that’s why we arrived at the registration booth at 12 noon where the crews are out for lunch break, so we take the opportunity to roam and explore the place.

Zipline Refreshment is ready to serve softdrinks, juice and snacks, they also offers souvenir items, a good outlet while taking a moment gathering all the strong vibes before the zipline adventure and conquering your fear of heights. Refreshment is located at the right side of the registration booth.

Finally it’s 1pm and the registration booth is now ready to accommodate visitors, we pay our ride ticket then directed to photo booth where we select photo package as a proof we survived the Asia’s  highest zipline.

Available Photo Booth Packages

Package #  1 – P200.00 all shots copied to USB/Memory Card/Disc
Package #  2 – P100.00 Hard Copy 2 Copies 4R Size
Package # 3 – P150.00 Hard and Soft Copy 2 Copies 4R Size and all shots copied to USB/Memory Card/Disc

Hoah! Now it’s my turn, preparing my camera to take a video recording to capture every moment and the bird’s eye view of the falls.

And there you go up up up and away! I was not frightened or feel scared from the first launched, but upon reaching the center where you can see all the view and the falls below whoah! That scares me for a moment, thinking what if something went wrong oh men that’s 600 feet above the ground. The wind also making fun out of me; it blows right on my side that makes my harness swing oh my! But still I keep on recording and enjoying the view though I’m a little scared now. hahaha

Screen capure during my zipline from Hikong Alo, here you will see the birds view of Hikong Bente. It can also be access via 774 step trail.

Wew! And hurray!!! I finished my 700 meters ride and ready for another 400 meters. May Li and Shaine arrive first because of my weight we are not allowed to go for three, Hahaha need to change my diet plan. :p

We need to take a small walk going to RIG 2, I like the way they designed the landscape it was attractive because the ambiance was so peaceful. 

And we arrived at RIG 2, preparing ourselves for another 400 meters ride.

While waiting for my turn, I was able to take photos of Hikong Bente from RIG 2.

From RIG 2, a 400 meter ride you will be able to see Falls 3,4 and 5.

Here I come! Olala!!! Let’s do this.  I feel the same it was okay from the first launched but going to the middle it was a little bit shaky, now I know! They do it on purpose to add more thrill on your ride.

Birds eye view of Hikong B’Lebel, Hikong Lowig and Hikong Ukol.

At last we conquered the 600 feet above the ground zipline. It was amazing and self-fulfilling; that finally we are now one of those who conquer the Southeast Asia’s highest.  Upon arriving a group of habal habal drivers will offer you a ride, if you’re lazy enough to take the 774 steps trail going back to the main entrance. But we choose to take the challenge for us to closely see the magnificent view of Hikong Bente.

The challenge start’s now, we have to take these stairs there’s no going back. Take a deep breath and here you go.

My girl May Li, I wonder how she can still smiles despite of the exhausting trek. Hahaha she’s tougher than me, I am out of gasoline inside me and always stops to catch my breath. Even Shaine she’s constantly walking going up, oh my feel so weak in front of these two hot chicks. Hehe

You will be able to know if you’re close enough, because some sneaky monkey will show up in your way playing with each other. 

This is it! We finally conquer another quest, the 774 steps trail. 

My souvenir photo, part of the photo package that we avail.


Entrance Fee:  20.00 Adults
                      10.00 For students with I.D
                      15.00 Senior Citizens
              5.00 Children 12 years old and below

Zipline Rate:   250.00 Weekdays

               300.00 Weekends

How to go to Seven Falls

From Koronadal City take a bus going to Surallah travel time is about 30 minutes, and from Surallah ride a Van going to Lake Sebu it will took another 30 minutes for travel time. Upon arriving at Lake Sebu you can ride a habal-habal that will take you to Seven Falls.

Let’s call it a day, till our next adventure. See yah! :)

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