Sunday, February 23, 2014

Airsoft War Sports Adventure

Posted by Dexter Gazmen On 8:53 PM 4 comments
I have never expected that playing airsoft will become my leisure pursuit. The enjoyment of gearing up and the adrenaline rush it gave by thinking a smart tactics on how to conquer and hit your opponents. Airsoft is a military simulation MILSIM sporting game that originated in Japan similar to paintball but fire biodegradable plastic pellets (BB’s) by way of compressed gas or electric and spring driven pistons. 

An Airsoft gun is like a replica of real firearms that has nearly 1:1 ratio. Comparing the real one and airsoft guns physically can make you hardly distinguish what’s real and not.  These guns are designed to be non-lethal.

Since the gun is nearly a replica of the real gun, it should not be put on view in the public. Players must transport and carried it in a soft or hard shell case and should be concealed properly until you arrived in a game site.

Playing airsoft needs a minimum safe level of gears for protection; in particular safety glasses and facemask or goggles must be worn for eye protection. They are also required to wear long sleeve shirts, pants and gloves.

Game site and playing method; Airsoft can be played CQB Close Quarter Battle or CQC Close Quarter Combat. Sometimes also played in woodland environment which has multiple objectives such as to attack and defend.  The players raise their hands and call out “hit” an indication that they have been shot, it is a gentleman game or a game of honor truthfulness and integrity is at stake so players will play honestly and call themselves out when hit.

Close Quarter Battle or Close Quarter Combat ASG Game site.

Woodland environment is common site for Military Simulation MILSIM.

ASG Airsoft Games Club Incorporated General Santos City Chapter during MILSIM game.

For those who wish to play airsoft you may leave a message through lakwatserongmamoy.  Hope to see you guys in our future games.



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  3. Close range combat lang po ba available maps nyo po? Sniper Riffle kasi baril ko..


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