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Mt. Maiden Breast, Tampakan’s Hidden Beauty

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Tampakan is a 2nd class municipality in South Cotabato; its mountainous and forested area contributes a large number of fruit, fiber, woodcrafts bamboo, rattan and corn. They are also known as a major producer of gold and copper that was utilized by Sagittarius Mines Incorporated SMI. Aside from the abovementioned source of living, they also promote eco tourism that makes Mt. Maiden Breast locally known as “Susong Dalaga” and Taal Falls renowned. 

Mt. Susong Dalaga is a conical hill at its peak resembling the female breast, located at Barangay Lambayong Tampakan South Cotabato. Though in the Philippines there are many places known to have Susong Dalaga, like in Pagadian, Zamboanga Del Sur, Tanay Rizal and Mt. Tagapo in Laguna de Bay. But I in my own view the one located at Tampakan has a perfect coned shape.

Luckily we have given the chance to climb Mt. Susong Dalaga. Nanay Rina Tan Padua also known as Bundokerang Nanay hold an event themed “Advocacy Climb Empowering Local Mountain Guides and Promoting Responsible Tourism through Mountaineering” and we are invited us to join the event.

Nanay Rina Tan Padua Event Coordinator.

Excited to climb and witness the beauty of the said mountain, we took a van from Bulaong Terminal General Santos City headed directly to Tampakan. It was a 45 minutes ride and finally we arrived at Tampakan Barangay Hall for the registration, and there we meet other fellow mountaineers from different group and places.

We are also warmed welcomed by the hospitality of the local officials and locals. They offered us cassava, buko, santol and papaya that fill our hungry stomach from the travel. We then set up our tents on our camp site besides the Barangay hall play ground and enjoyed the night before we go for a day trek to Mt. Susong Dalaga.

Day 2

Rise and shine, after we prepare all the things and foods needed for a day trek, we rode a municipal dump truck that will carry us to Barangay Lambayong our jump off point.

Finally we reached our jump off point, and then we stopped at a nearby hut for courtesy call where we congregate with local officials and introduce everyone.

By simply looking at the beautiful view of Barangay Lambayong, it awakens the inner child in me that want to run and play hide and seek whole day with the young kids in the small hills. I really miss being young. :)

At last we started our trek at Mt. Susong Dalaga headed by local guides and officials.

Picturesque view of Mt. Susong Dalaga trail going to the peak, the vast mountain ranges and the fresh breeze of air will make you feel great.

Mountaineers took a break to catch their breath and as part of the activity, we will free a grass owl named SUDA into the wilderness which the local government took care off after she was wounded.

Headed by Kagawad Vargas everyone is excited to free SUDA.

Suda looks back to the people who took care of her.

She then started to spread her wings.

Due to lengthy time stayed in the cage Suda got a hard time flying so she rest for a while, we also leave her so that she can have a moment and be freed from the stress. Then we continue our trek to the peak.

Mt. Susong Dalaga, though it is not as tall like any other mountains her trail should not be under estimated, that’s one big rule in mountaineering. At first I also thought it will be an easy climb but to my surprise the trail we descend is kind of technical since we used rope and the cliffs are quite dangerous. Also got a modest comment regarding the safety of the participants. The rope has no lock for every curve which makes it more unsafe. Some of the participants including me got a minor injury due to lack of safety equipments.

We got scratches and minor injuries as we descend from Mt. Susong Dalaga.

Though we experienced minor life and death situations, we thank God for the safety thrilling adventure.

For everyone who’s looking for a thrilling and fun adventure, you may want to try Mt. Susong Dalaga. It offers not only exciting venture but the magnificent view of Mt. Parker and Mt. Matutum that can be seen at the peak. 

We would like to give thanks also to Tampakan local officials especially Kagawad Vargas who accompany us up to the peak of Mt. Susong Dalaga, he disregard the exhaustion and the danger just to be with us. And also a big thanks to Denliz Binalot for a very yummy and delicious meal they serve us.

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