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The Enchanted River of Hinatuan

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Hinatuan River, locally known as “The Enchanted River” is impeccably flows into the Pacific Ocean. A salt water river that is about 25 meters deep is wonderfully clear and blue, located at Talisay, Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur. It is also a popular foreign and local tourist destination in the place.

Captivated to experience the miraculous beautiful water of Hinatuan, the gangs excitedly went to the place. As we arrived, it is already a little bit crowded with visitors, so better schedule your trip during off-season to fully enjoy the charmed of the nature.

The place is already fully developed; concrete stairways have been built leading to the river, and there are lots of cottages where you can stay and eat. It is really remarkable, but still I preferred the natural beauty of the river before it was fully transformed into a commercial resort.

Need no worries for those who don’t know how to swim; the resort offers a lifejackets for only 15 pesos for guests who like to experience the delight swimming in the deep blue enchanted river.

At 12 o’clock noon when the bell rings, be sure to get off from the water because this is the time where the school of fishes come into sight for feeding.  The guests are only allowed to stay in the concrete stairways for viewing and no one is allowed to go swimming, while the resort assistant feeds the fishes.

Fishes swarm to foods thrown by the resort assistant.

It was an amazing 30 minutes display of fish feeding. Our hearts is overflowing with enjoyment for the wonderful experience. The Enchanted River once again proves its reputation. So if you’re planning for a good vacation be sure to have this place on your bucket list.

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