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A Tribute to Hegelung Master Ma Fil Angkoy

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Who is Ma Fil Angkoy?

Ma Fil – Means “Tatay ko”, He was half T’Boli and half Ubo, a farmer and a full blooded musician. Known for his talent and mastery on playing Hegelung a wooden two-string lute, hand carved by him. Ma Fil was a father of three, but life stayed so short for a Hegelung master, he passed away last October 26, 2014 while still on the hospital recovering from his chest pain and swollen leg, ill-fated happens when he fell and hits his head. 

I wasn’t able to meet Ma Fil in person, but he left a legacy and passed the gratefulness of T’Boli culture music and dance to the young children and youths, that will be remembered thru the century. Wherever you are rest in peace Tatay Ma Fil.

Tribute and Gift Giving

As a tribute for Ma Fil, a group of mountaineers headed by Mam Sherlyn Diaz Reyes decided to spend their holiday season vacation at Ma Fil Tribal house, located at the remote highland of Barangay Tasiman, a village in Lake Sebu.  

We arrived late at the tribal house because of the side trip adventure at seven falls and some of our colleagues got lost on their way to the village, but still we are happily greeted by Ma Fil’s eldest son and the children’s who waited for our arrival. 

After we unload our simple surprises for the kids, we asked them to gather around together with their parents at the tribal house.

We started the activity with a prayer leaded by a local in the village. I was moved when I saw these kids, because you can feel their heartfelt and sincere prayer.

Next is the teary eyed daughter of Ma Fil who warmed welcomed us with a short speech. She was so happy, because even though her father was no longer here, who will joyfully play his Hegelung and exchange jokes with us, we are still there and haven’t forgotten the bond that her father builds together with his mountaineer friends.

Now for the most awaited part of the activity, where the children’s could not wait anymore, M’ Sherlyn and M’ Kat prepared a draw lots for the lucky children who will get the major prizes, but of course all the children will have their own gifts too.

Children are patiently waiting for their name to be called.

Every child in the village is so excited to open the gift and play the toys they received. For us it may perhaps a very simple thing, but for those children it really means a lot. The smile on their faces brought back a hundred times joy in our hearts.

The activity doesn’t end with only gift and snacks. The team also prepares parlor games for everybody which has been actively joined by the energetic children’s.

This cute little fellow catches my attention, while busy playing a pair of stick.  I gave him chocolate and asked him to join the other kids. Hehehe He just smiled and run to her mother.

It was a very long and tiring day for everybody and too bad for me because I got a painful headache that day, which hinders me to join the game. :(

We stayed overnight at the tribal house, the night was cold and showery. But we still have a good night sleep because of the fresh air, a village that is free from the city pollution. All you can hear that night is are the whooshing wind and buzzing of the insects.

The beautiful sunrise view at the highland of Barangay Tasiman, Ma Fil tribal house. 

How to go to Ma Fil Tribal House

Take a bus from Koronadal City going to Surallah, and from Surallah take a PUV going to Lake Sebu and tell the driver to drop you at the town proper. You may now ride a habal-habal and tell him you’ll be going at Ma Fil tribal house. Fare from town proper to tribal house is 50 pesos per head, but if you are a solo traveller you can pay 100 pesos for the ride.

The good thing in riding habal-habal is because you can ask them to stop if you want to take pictures and while on your way to tribal house they will tell you a story about their place, where to go and what the best places to dine-in.

It’s so nice to share your blessing to other people, especially the children’s. We may not been all gifted by a fortunate life, but what matters most is life must still goes on. Let’s cherish every moment we have for life is so fragile and short.

Thanks so much Mam Sherlyn Diaz Reyes for inviting us to join the gang, we are grateful to be part of this meaningful activity. God bless to all who support the activity that made it successful.

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