Wednesday, April 23, 2014

It is really amazing to visit Tinuy-an Falls and Enchanted River, however Surigao del Sur still has lots to offer for your summer vacation. A white sand beach that is composed of 24 islets scattered around Lianga Bay suitable for the best island hopping experience are called The Britania Group of Islands. 

To make our visit in Surigao del Sur more unforgettable, we use up our last day at Britania Group of Islands. Then we settled at Mac Arthurs Place where the accommodation is cheap and highly recommendable for the nice customer service they have, we fixed our things and prepare ourselves for the next morning Island hopping adventure.

All set and done, the boat that will take us to our adventure is now ready and good to go. So we walk to a wooden pathway that leads us our ride.

The site is remarkably incredible, it’s like a mini Hundred Islands in Pangasinan.

Our boatman includes three islets in their itinerary. First we visit Hagonoy Island, a small pear shape island with a wreck wooden house and has fair share of coconut trees makes it look like a scene from the movie Pirate of the Caribbean.

One of the boat crew assisted us as we get off from the boat.

Views taken from Hagonoy Island

The gangs have their best pose during the showdown between girls and boys photo-shoots.

Group pictures of the gangs as we looked up.

After we feast ourselves with the fantastic view of the island we then headed to our next islet stop, The Hiyor-Hiyoran Island which is rocky and known for its small caves.

Paul brent exploring the small cave and taking pictures inside.

Kathy wrote I love Surigao on the bed of white sand.

Finally the last on our list is the Buslon Island. The small island has a statue of the Virgin Mary which was put up by the island owner. This is also where we took our lunch prepared by Mac Arthurs Place.

The province has a lot to offer in terms of tourist destination. And also don’t forget for your bring home goodies just stop at the REST AREA located at britania, where you can buy various item made of iron wood as they called it.

Surigao del Sur really is a very awesome place to visit, you can even call it a one stop shop. Our stay in Britania is a one worth remembering experience.

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  1. This is something that I'll include in my itinerary soon when I visit Surigao Del Sur in the future. Thanks for the nice shots.

    1. Hi Karl, thanks for dropping by. You should visit the place to see it yourself. The only word that I can say that place is AWESOME! ^_^


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