Monday, April 7, 2014

My friend Riza Espital invites us to visit his brother home at Datal Baka, Malungon Sarangani Province. She also told us that there are lots of adventure spots in the place; one of this is the BLOL lagoon a small body of water which is a perfect place if you’re looking for a cold swimming site this summer. Persuaded and curious to the place after hearing all the beautiful stories, I instantaneously ask her to set a date immediately so that we can start backpacking.

All set and done, the day for adventure to Datal Baka finally arrived. I, Rocel and Riza rode a public utility van headed to Polomolok Acasya terminal and there we ride a habal habal motorcycle to transport us to Barangay Datal Batong.  

It’s already 5:30pm when we arrived to the place; it took us an hour to reach our destination. It was a bumpy ride and quite thrilling because the road is covered in sand and it is rocky that makes it hard for the motorcycle tire. We even almost had an accident after it over hang going to a slope road, good thing our driver perfectly maneuver his motorcycle and immediately hits the break. Despite the mishap we encounter during our travel we thank God for arriving safe. I still got my fresh wounds and injury from my motorcycle accident a week ago, so I got a little irrational fear.

This is the house of Toto Awe and ate Lydia where we spend our three days vacation. The design is quite old and conventional, that makes the house more attractive for me.

It’s surprised me for the hospitality that they’ve showed us. We are warmed welcomed and they even prepared a yummy and delicious dinner for us. Kuya Awe cooked a native tinolang manok and adobo for our dinner. It is perfect blend for an exhausting and strenuous travel and also for a very cold evening in their place.

Tinolang Manok and Adobo cooked by Kuya Awe.

Life in this province was simple; they don’t have electricity or hi-tech equipments. I envy this kind of living; it was so peaceful, and at night the only sound you will hear are from the insects and the winds blowing at the roof of the small house. There is no television for past time, just a simple story telling until you get tired and fell asleep.

Drinking a cup of coffee while exchanging stories, and planning the itinerary for the next day BLOL lagoon escapade.

Rise and shine! Lakwatserongmamoy and friends woke up early, the sun is high and the sky is clear I can say the weather is favors on our side. The gangs prepare the food and all the things needed for the day hike.

Then we start our trek to BLOL lagoon, Rocel and Riza wearing full sun support outfits with umbrella.

We stop for a moment to a nearby house to catch our breath and cool off from the heat of the sun.

Here are the awesome views of the landscape we seen on our way to lagoon.

An awesome picturesque view of Mt. Matutum at the background.

And at last, we finally reached the place. BLOL lagoon is so small contrary to my expectation that is so wide and deep. But still the place was worth visiting, because of the nice ambience and serene place. The residents told us that before the BLOL is wide and deep, the water also reflects to the sky that makes it color blue. But because of the landslide it ruins the majestic view of the lagoon.

After a cool and relaxing swimming we then descend and headed back to the village. By 3:00pm we reached the village, and there Kuya Awe is waiting for us because he prepared a bico for a snack to fill our hungry stomach.

Our visit to the place is a memorable experienced and we had lots of fun. I am very thankful for the hospitality of the people living in the village. And Im glad that old Filipino culture is still alive.

The stories for people and culture in Purok Datal Baka, Barangay Datal Batong, Malungon Sarangani Province will be followed soon.

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