Friday, February 28, 2014

Started with Mountain Climbing, I did conquer my fear of heights. At some stage of our trip in Cebu we push our vacation to the extreme. Together with my best buddy Jeffrey Playda we go to Crown Regency Hotel and Towers located at Osmeña Boulevard, Cebu City to try their ever famous Sky Experience Adventure. As we arrived in the place we head directly to 19th floor for registration. We choose the combo 3 package that cost 1800php which includes 3 rides and a dinner buffet at Wang Shan Lo (Authentic Chinese Cuisine by Hong Kong Chef). Then we have our delicious dinner first before going for an overwhelming ride.

Crown Regency Hotel and Towers view from the Fuente Osmeña Circle.

Our first ride is Edge Coaster, for real? After a buffet you choose that ride? Hahaha yes we did! Because among all rides I think this one will give us more thrill.  Edge Coaster is the world very first amusement ride that goes around the edge of the building and the riders are locked onto a rail seat, as seen in the picture below.  The first run will automatically tilt the seat up to 55 degrees, giving us a thrilling and breathtaking feeling while looking at the streets below which is about 400ft above the ground. After the first tilt we have now the control by pulling the lever which can be found at the front handle of rail seat.

Wow! That was awesome! After the Edge Coaster we immediately proceed to our next adventure name Sky Walk Extreme.  We were given keys for our lockers because we need to put all our things, they do not allow even earrings. We are then asked to wear an orange jumpsuit and a rubber shoe, if you are not wearing a rubber shoes they will lend you.

We started walking at the edge of this 418 feet high building. But this time I don’t feel any extreme excitement maybe because Im now immune to heights.

Now for our last adventure, I am pretty sure this will become a ride of a lifetime the Sky Lift. After we wear our jumpsuits we directly headed to the safety area while the crew prepares the safety harness.

Oh men, with all the gears all set I’m thinking what protection can it gave when you are going to fall 461 feet below. Hahaha now my heart beat so fast, after a few minutes they will going to sent us across the other tower that around 250 feet away.

There you go! Got to say bye bye guys!  Whoa! We were screaming our head off. hahaha

Yepey! We did it for real! Fortunately we are in good piece; this is really an extreme adventure. But this is not the end, I will surely back again to try their other amenities.

We are now certified Sky Adventurer!

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