Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Seven Falls is not the only one who holds the crown when we talked about falls at Lake Sebu. There is an ice-cold water of T’Daan Kini Falls located at Barangay Lamhalak, Lake Sebu South Cotabato, where the untouched beauty of nature is hidden, and waiting to be discovered. T’Daan is a T’Boli language means “cold and hot water”

We have a successful outreach program at Barangay Tasiman leaving the children’s with a happy face; it’s now time to give credit to ourselves. The gangs are all geared up and excited to explore the famous T’Daan Kini Falls as a side trip from Ma Fil Tribal House, so we waste no time and headed to Barangay Lamhalak where the falls is located.

When we arrived at the drop off point, we are asked to pay 20 pesos for the entrance fee.

While waiting for the registration of all guests to finish, Kat’s take her time to post for the scenic view of the streams which is connected to T’Daan Kini Falls.

After a couple of minutes waiting, registrations of the guest is finally done and we started our trek. 

The bridge that connects the road makes it a 15 minutes trek to the falls; this is very convenient for the first time trekkers.

You will be crossing two bridges going to the falls, but if you want get wet early you may also cross the stream.

A piece of advice, the trail is an open canopy; you may bring your own umbrella to protect from the scorching heat of the sunlight. We were lucky that time ,because of the fair weather.

I’m glad that there are visible trail signs, which could help guide the first time visitors of the place.

If you see an old house, which means you’re just 5 minutes close to your destination. ^_^

Hurray! After 15 minutes of trekking, we finally arrived. There were lots of visitors when we arrived. But still we are lucky because they are all pack-up and about to leave the place.

They are also selling souvenirs at the small hut.

The place is remarkable! No one can blame, why some of our buddy’s immediately jumps into the water. Who couldn’t resist the shivering cold water the flows from the mountain.

It was already 12 noon, and one of our friends takes initiative to cook for our yummy lunch.

After we took our lunch break, we take our time to take a rest and be captivated to the beautiful untouched place. I’m hoping that there would be no major renovation and development of the place, so that the natural grandeur of the nature will remain.

Time to say bye bye and will surely get back and invites more friends so that they can also experience the fun we had at T’Daan Kini Falls.

How to get there?

Take a bus from Koronadal City going to Surallah, and from Surallah take a PUV going to Lake Sebu and tell the driver to drop you at the town proper. You may now ride a habal-habal going to Barangay Lamalak.

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