Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Climbing Mt. Parker A Moment To Remember

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Climbing a mountain is the very best social activity for mountaineers. This month of hearts, as an easy go lucky single dude I decided to join Earth Panic Environment Club (EPEC) Outreach, Feeding and Climb activity at Barangay Bagong Silang, San Jose General Santos City. The said activity will provide charity to children’s and climb to Mt. Parker which is listed on my bucket list.

I was energized and determined to climb this mountain to have a picturesque view of Lake Holon the crater lake of Mt. Parker, locally known as Melibingoy is a 1,784 meters stratovolcano. The English name is taken from General Frank Parker an American General who claimed to discovered it during 1934 flight he piloted.

During the registration period, I met my old buddy Phyll together with his mountaineer group “THE FIRST FIVE TREKKER” and joined there company. The gangs are friendly and there are lots of mockery and joking moments, especially those two dudes named Angelo and Edward I could say that they are partners in crime. Biboy is the sole gentleman in the group he took care of the girls and assists them for their needs.  Nesty, the boys always make fun out of him for being new in the group.  April, Beverly, Che and Rocel are girls which make the whole group more vivacious.

This is where the adventure starts; the group double checked their things which will be needed for hiking. 

And then we started the first phase of our trek. 

After 45 minutes of walking finally we reached the first water source which is safe for drinking, although there is another source at the summit but I would not recommend it for drinking because there are a lot of little bitty particles present in the water. 

Mountaineers break for a moment to catch their breath and replenish some water. 

After a couple of minutes of resting, we start our trek again heading to Assamblak Peak Mt. Parker summit.

Lakwatserongmamoy breathes the fresh air and have the freedom pose, venerating the beauty of nature.

Finally after enduring the 4-hour trip we reach the summit, we then immediately setup our tents because of the rain. Mt. Parker is also known for its cold and rainy atmosphere.

You can see the picturesque of Lake Holon at the viewing deck of Assamblak peak.



Insect-luring Nepenthe's Pitcher Plant.

Wild Berries

Unknown type of plants/flowers to me. 


Climbing Mt. Parker is indeed an unforgettable moment for us, we experienced thrill and excitement as we trek the vast rain forest of the mountain. We feasted our eyes with the astonishing view of the Lake Holon and various unique floras seen in the forest. This is just the starting of our escapade to Mt. Parker we are planning to come back but this time we will be heading directly to Lake Holon, to see closer the magnificent and Cleanness Lake in the Philippines. 


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