Thursday, February 6, 2014

Exploring Bohol Part 1

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Bohol is one of the promising tourist destinations in the country. At first me too is so raring to go to see what chocolate hills looks like, because I only see those beautiful hills in a postcard and internet. Its summer a perfect time for vacation, from Cebu we take a fast craft ferries from Pier 1, Cebu City going to Tubigon Port, Bohol. Tubigon is located at the eastern coast of Bohol Island.


Arrived at the Port of Tubigon, we are welcomed by Kuya Ricky our traveler guide for the trip.


Our first destination is Sagbayan Peak, a fifth class municipality in Bohol. Sagbayan means “place for hanging” which comes from the root word sagbay means “to hang”.

A big sculpture of T-REX caught our attention for nice photo-ops.

Main entrance to Sagbayan Peak.

A Pathway that leads to one viewing deck to another.

View from one of the deck’s in Sagbayan Peak.

Sagbayan Water Park is located at the front of Sagbayan Peak, but due to the limited budget we were not able to visit the place. Maybe for the next trip to Bohol, it will be included on our bucket list.


The smallest primates that can only be found in the Philippines archipelago, which is inhabited in Bohol, are one of the most visited spot in the place. Tarsiers are very peculiar small animal; they are also nocturnal primates that measure about 4 to 5 inches.

It was a nice experience of seeing a live one right in front of you.


Bohol is known for its famous tourist attraction which also marked the symbol of this province is the Chocolate Hills. This giant mole like hills are scattered throughout the towns of Carmen, Sagbayan and Batuan.

A big bell with wishing well is positioned at the viewing deck.

At the viewing deck a picturesque view of chocolate hills will surprise the tourist.

To be continued on my next post…………….. Explore Bohol Part 2


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