Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Soaring High and Feel the Freedom

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Make your holiday season memorable; try paragliding adventure sport a fastest growing type of foot-launched flying at Maasim Sarangani Province. Before 2014 ends try to stretch your muscles, conquer your fear, awaken the inner thrill seeker in you and fly like a bird, make the year extra extraordinary and full of fun, this is what my friend Biboy and my dear May Li did, like me they are also an outdoor enthusiast who loves to seek for adventure. 

All set and done, despite of the typhoon that hits our country we are still blessed with sunny weather here at the south. Together with my fiancĂ©e and biboy we travel all the way from General Santos to Maasim, Sarangani Province. For those who will commute just tell the driver to stop at SAFI Shipyard and wait for the staff of Sarangani Paraglide team to get you at the fly site. 

After 30 minutes of travel we arrived at the fly site; we are then transported by two 4x4 vehicles a Toyota Land Cruiser and Mitsubishi Delica, where you can experience and enjoy the bumpy ride going to the top of the cliff, another great adventure before the main event. ^_^ 

I am surprised with the improvements when we reached the top, it was fully developed compared last year December my first paragliding adventure. New amenities has been added like the new TENT CITY where you can rent a tent and stay overnight for only 100 pesos, but if you bring your own, then you’ll just pay 50 pesos for the place. The view at the top is wonderful, it is an overview of Maasim Sarangani, and the best place for star gazing at night. Just make sure to bring your own jacket because it will be surely cold at night.

Hey meet glider, he’s a friendly monkey guarding the place.

What a pleasant weather we have, the sky and wind was perfect for takeoff. The paragliding staff while unloading the needed equipment and safety gears.

Here are the basic components of paragliding gears to get started.

Paraglider Wing Canopy, Safety Helmets, Harness, Stirrup/ Speed Bar, Carabiners and Radio

If you have sensitive skin you may also bring sunblock for sun ultraviolet protection.

Paragliding needs patience, because we need to consider the wind speed. Flying at the thermic site at strong wind sometimes causes turbulence. With that said, you can bring your own hammock while waiting for the right time to takeoff.

Taking our time to take pictures and enjoying the nice view while waiting for the perfect wind.

Hahaha I’m trying to lift the canopy, it is really hard to do it without proper training. 

It’s time for takeoff, before flying the pilot gives a short briefing on what to do. The instructions are clear you need to run run and more run even if your feet are no longer touching the ground, just wait for the pilot signal that you’re now ready to take a sit.

Now feel the whizzing sound of the air, and enjoy the top view of the mountains. 

Paragliding has no age limit, as long as you have the strength and courage then go for it. Most people are afraid of heights, and that fear itself will make you lose your confidence, that’s the reason why some people are hook up with this kind of sports. The great reward they received for themselves is self-esteem, because when you’re flying you leave for the moment.

Meet Steve, a 62 years old paragliding enthusiast, Steve is came from England and got into this sport for 20 years.

And tsaran! Now let’s meet Paige and Chai, Page is 6 years old and Chai is 5 years old, they are both hot blooded and do not afraid of heights. I remembered Paige saying “I don’t want to land, I want to be here forever” hahaha how cute they are. Upon takeoff there mom is making sure that all harness and carbiner are well secured.

During takeoff, Buko her pilot is gently running going forward so that it will not be difficult for chai.

Sarangani Paraglide now offers schooling and pilot trainings, Jason assisted by Sir Buko on his training session. During the training you will be taught on basic ground handling, kiting and many more.

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Paragliding Price: P3,000.00

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